How do I bid?

Just go to our current auction and click the register button at top right of page or click here and follow the steps. For more assistance please call us direct at 714-248-5306


If I put a max bid will it put the current bid to my max?

No, the max bid feature is like letting the computer bid for you. If you set your max to $100 and the person you're bidding against has their max at $50 then the current bid would be right above $50 and you would be winning.


I put a bid in but I am not winning?

This happens when someone has a max above your entry. If the item doesn't highlight green and say you're winning then you've been out bid.


How often are your auctions?

We do auctions weekly. Please sign up if you would like text updates by texting START to (844)248-5306. You only get a text when auctions get uploaded online and 1 hour before auction begins to close. 


What condition are the items in your auctions?

We have new, new with damage, returns, and used items. If the item is anything other than new we put that in the description. All returns and used items are at the end of the auction and have an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the title along with notes in the description.


Do you accept returns?

We only offer returns if the items are not as described. If you end up getting buyer’s remorse, we can take items back but there is a 25% restocking fee. For returns you must contact us regarding your return within 7 days of picking up your items and return the item within 30 days of the day you picked up. Please see our full return policy for more information.


Do you ship?

We do shipping but you must inform us you want shipping within 3 days of auction close or your items will be forfeited. Email us at;

California Auctions -

Chicago Auctions -


Do you do Buy it Now?

Yes, all auctions hosted on our website have a buy it now option for 30% OFF of retail